Lawson Entertainment ONLINE Terms of uses

Terms of Use

Article 1 Definitions

Unless otherwise stated, these “Lawson Entertainment ONLINE Terms of Use” shall use the following definitions of terms.
(1) “Terms of Use” refers to these Lawson Entertainment ONLINE Terms of Use.
(2) “The Company” refers to Lawson Entertainment, Inc.
(3) “The Site” is the internet website (including but not limited to the “LAWSON-TICKET”, “HMV&BOOKS online”, ”HMV record shop ONLINE”, “&L&(andland)”, and “「morecos+” ) provided by The Company as well as social account pages established and operated by The Company.
(4) “The App” refers to the application software provided by The Company (including but not limited to ”LAWSON-TICKET”, “HMV”,and “LAWSON-TICKET HMV PREMIUM” ).
(5) “Users” refers to persons that use The Site or The App (including using The Site or The App to purchase products, receive services, make inquiries or also using The Site or The App for only browsing or searching).
(6) “The Service” refers collectively to the provision of goods and services and handling of inquiries etc. by The Company to Users through The Site or The App.
(7) “Personal Information” is synonymous with “Personal Information” as defined in Article 2 of the Act on the Protection of Personal Information, and is that information such as name, address, telephone number and email address etc. which can identify the specific individual user.

Article 2 Scope of these Terms of Use

1. These Terms of Use apply to The Company and Users regarding the use of The Site or The App and The Service. Furthermore, when Users use The Site, The App or The Service, they are deemed to have consented to the latest version of these Terms of Use.
2. When a user makes an application for use of the Service for other participants, the user’s companions, or other third parties (hereinafter referred to as “Companions, etc.”), the application for use is judged that the user who has received the legitimate delegation from Companions, etc. makes the application.
In this case, the relevant user shall ensure to The Company that the user has been granted the legitimate proxy to deal with official work accompanied with the application for use made by Companions, etc. themselves.
3. The “Ticket Sale Provisions”, “Notice and Agreement on the Handling of Personal Information”, other individual service usage regulations and other rules and regulations, as well as rules and regulations to be announced by The Company in the future constitute part of these Terms of Use, and are deemed to have been consented to by the Users.

Article 3 Changes to Terms of Use

1. The Company may change these Terms of Use in whole or in part at any time without the consent of Users.
2. Regarding changes under the preceding paragraph, these shall go into effect from the moment that the changes are posted on The Site, or when Users are notified by some other means, and in such cases Users shall be subject to the changed Terms of Use.
3. Except where the changed Terms of Use result in significant disadvantage to Users, they shall also apply to any agreements and services existing between The Company and Users. Whether or not Users are significantly disadvantaged shall not be based on the altered points alone, but shall be considered on an overall basis considering the content of measures taken by The Company in implementing the change.

Article 4 Notification by The Company

1. Notification to Users of important matters shall be given by posting to The Site or The App, by email, or by some other method deemed appropriate by The Company.
2. Where notification under the preceding paragraph is carried out on The Site or The App, all Users shall be deemed to have been notified at the time of posting to The Site or The App, and where notification is carried out by email, notification shall be deemed to have been completed when the notice is sent to the email address given in advance by Users. In addition, Users shall be deemed to have read the sent email without delay.

Article 5 Email Magazine etc.

The Company shall notify Users by email of products and services handled by The Company, and information related to products and services. However, such notices shall be limited to those Users that have consented to receiving emails from The Company.

Article 6 Surveys

The Company may conduct surveys of Users for the purpose of investigation, collecting data and analysis to improve services. Also, in some cases some individual information (gender, age etc. which does not identify a specific individual) may be released as aggregated results or provided as data to event organizers of ticket products handled by The Company.

Article 7 Changes to Provided Details

1. Where there are changes or mistakes in details provided by Users to The Company, they shall immediately notify The Company of the change or amendment using the prescribed method. Where there is an error in the details supplied by a user, Users shall consent to The Company altering part of Users information held by The Company, irrespective of whether or not Users have provided notice, within the scope deemed necessary by The Company.
2. Users shall accept in advance without objection that where notifications or products from The Company do not reach Users due to a failure to provide notice under the preceding paragraph, said notification or products shall be deemed to have reached Users as would normally be expected.
3. The Company shall not bear any responsibility for damages to Users in the event of failure to provide details under paragraph 1 of this Article. In addition, with regard to damages incurred by The Company or a third party as a result of a User’s failure to provide details, these shall be the full responsibility of the User.

Article 8 Preparation of Usage Environment

1. Users shall prepare any necessary communication equipment, software, telephone usage contracts and internet connection contracts (including purchase, connection, installation etc.) for the use of The Site, The App and The Service at their own expense and responsibility. Furthermore, Users shall use and maintain these at their own expense and responsibility, and Users shall bear all communication and connection costs.
2. When using The Site, The App and The Service, Users shall confirm that the PC or mobile device has the recommended operating environment. However, even with the recommended operating environment, Users shall be deemed to accept that The Company does not guarantee the complete use of The Site, The App or The Service, and that depending on the state of individual equipment and the state of communications, The Site, The App and The Service may not be able to be provided in full.
3. Users shall not make complaints when using The Site, The App or The Service on an operating environment not recommended by The Company. Furthermore, The Company shall not accept any responsibility for damages incurred in such circumstances.

Article 9 Prohibitions

1. Users may not use The Site or The Service for any of the following actions.
(1) Actions which infringe on the copyrights, property rights, privacy or any other rights of The Company or third parties, or which risk such infringement.
(2) Actions which slander The Company or a third party, or which harm the good name of others, or which intimidate others.
(3) Other activities, aside from those in the preceding items, which damage or disadvantage The Company or a third party, or are at risk of doing so.
(4) Activities which violate public morals, or are at risk of doing so, or the provision of information which violates public morals to a third party.
(5) Criminal behavior, actions which lead to criminal behavior, or actions which are at risk of leading to criminal behavior.
(6) Using or registering false names, addresses, telephone numbers or email addresses, or otherwise pretending to be third party organizations.
(7) Campaigning or other similar activities, whether during an election period or not.
(8) Activities of a sexual, religious or political nature.
(9) Activities with the purpose of gaining profit through The Site or The App, or in connection with The Site or The App, or the preparation of such activities, without the consent of The Company.
(10) Using, transmitting, writing or providing computer viruses or other harmful programs through or in connection with the use of The Site or The App.
(11) Activities which violate or are at risk of violating laws and regulations.
(12) Other activities deemed inappropriate by The Company.
2. In the event that a user violates or is at risk of violating the preceding paragraph, The Company may limit the use of The Site, The App or The Service by Users. Furthermore, in the event that Users’ violation of the preceding paragraph results in damage to The Company, The Company shall be able to claim compensation from Users for the damages incurred.

Article 10 Copyright

1. Information and files provided through The Site, The App or The Service shall not in any way exceed the personal fair use of Users under copyright law without the consent of The Company (or where the rights for said information is held by a third party, the consent of that third party), and shall not infringe the rights of third parties in this respect.
2. Notwithstanding the provisions of the preceding paragraph, in the event of a problem arising with a rights holder, Users shall resolve this problem at their own expense and responsibility.

Article 11 Handling of Information Sent by Users

Information posted by Users on bulletin boards on The Site or The App (hereinafter “posted information”) shall be handled as follows. Users shall ensure that they have the legal right and authority to transmit the information, in accordance with reproduction rights, public transmission rights, transfer rights, translation/adaptation rights or other copyright law rights and that said information does not infringe the rights of third parties, and The Company makes no warranties in this regard.
(1) Users shall consent to The Company, as necessary, making changes, duplicating or moving the titles or content of all or part of posted information, without prior notice, approval or payment of consideration, or use it freely for marketing or market survey purposes etc. (including relicensing to third parties after removing Personal Information).
(2) Users shall arrange rights necessary for the permission under (1) above (including the arrangement of rights necessary for licensing use by Users to The Company and re-use licenses from The Company to third parties) at their own cost and responsibility.
(3) Where The Company or a third party re-licensed by The Company uses posted information, Users shall not exercise any legal or moral rights (publication rights, name display rights, identity protection rights).
(4) Where The Company deems that posted information corresponds with any of the items in paragraph 1 of Article 9, or is at risk of such, or where otherwise deemed inappropriate by The Company, The Company may edit or delete said information without prior notice to Users (however, The Company assumes no obligation to edit or delete). In addition, The Company assumes no obligation to generally monitor posted information. Users shall not object to The Company in this respect.

Article 12 Stoppage or Suspension of Service

1. In the event of any of the following circumstances, The Company may stop or suspend the operation or provision of The Site, The App or The Service, without prior notice to Users.
(1) Regular or emergency maintenance to equipment related to The Site, The App or service.
(2) Where the normal provision of The Site, The App or The Service cannot be continued due to war, riot, labor dispute, earthquake, flood, fire, power outage or other emergencies, or risk thereof, or where there is a risk that normal service may not be able to be provided.v
(3) In the event of an error, fault or failure to equipment installed or managed by The Company resulting in The Site, The App or The Service not being able to be provided to Users.
(4) Other circumstances deemed necessary by The Company for the operation of The Site, The App or The Service.
2. The Company shall not assume any responsibility for damages to Users or third parties resulting from changes to, or the stoppage or suspension of The Site, The App or The Service, regardless of the reason. This shall exclude the provisions of Article 17 paragraph 5.

Article 13 Handling of Personal Information

The Company shall handle Personal Information in accordance with the separately posted “Lawson Group Personal Information Protection Policy” and “Notice and Agreement on the Handling of Personal Information”, and Users shall consent to these policies in their use of The Site, The App or The Service.
2. The Company shall exercise all due care in maintaining the confidentiality of information input and transmitted by Users in the use of The Service.

Article 14 Acquisition and Use of Attribute Data and User History

1. The Company uses Cookies and JavaScript technologies to acquire statistical attribute information such as age, gender, occupation and residential area etc. that is provided when registering for membership to The Service, but which cannot identify specific individuals, and to acquire visitor behavioral histories on the website (accessed URLs, content, order of reference etc.)
2. In order for The Company to provide personalized appropriate content for Users (including products, campaign information, advertising information displayed on the website; the same shall apply hereinafter in this article and the next article), and to maintain the privacy of Users, improve convenience, acquire statistical data for Users, and serve advertisements, the attribute information and the behavioral histories are used.

Users can refuse to accept Cookies by altering their own browser settings, but in the event that Cookies are refused certain parts of The Service may not be available.
Also, in order to display the most appropriate advertisement (the Company or a third party’s advertisement) on the third party’s site, the Company’s advertisement distribution business partner (hereinafter referred to as “Advertisement Distribution Company”) You may save and reference Cookies.

Users can check the privacy policy of each company through the websites of the companies listed below, or disable the function of Cookies(opt-out) of each company used for targeting advertising.



・Treasure DATA

・Intimate Merger

・Facebook Japan

・Twitter Japan




・LINE Yahoo Corporation

・CRITEO Corporation
・Geniee, Inc.
What are Cookies?

3. In order to display appropriate advertisements to users on this site, the Company may save and refer to third party Cookies using behavior targeting advertisement service provided by the Advertisement Distribution Company.
The use of Cookies in this regard is carried out in accordance with the privacy policies of each Advertisement Distribution Company.
4. In the case of either of the preceding paragraphs, information stored in Cookies shall not be able to identify a specific individual User.

Article 15 Acquisition and Utilization of Location and Device Information

If Users utilize the Service with their mobile devices, the Company may periodically acquire the location information and the device information, and may use the applicable location information, telephone number of the device, device identification number, and other related device information (not including personal information) for the following purposes.

(1) Providing main functions of the Service
(2) Survey, analysis, development, and other improvements to the quality of the Service
(3) Investigation and handling of failures and defects of the Service
(4) Developing and employing location based services
(5) Distribution of user-personalized content and coupons
(6) Providing to third parties for the purpose of distributing appropriate personalized content by third parties for Users

Article 16 Security

The Company has adopted “SSL Encrypted Communication” technology to prevent the interception or interference with information by malicious third parties when reservations or payments are made.
SSL is the industry standard for safe online communication. Interception is prevented by encrypting data before it is sent over the internet.

Article 17 Disclaimers

1. The Company does not assume any responsibility for damages to Users or third parties resulting from the provision, delay, change, suspension, stoppage, termination, or abolition of the information on The Site and The App, or anything related to The Site and The App. Furthermore, the use of The Site, The App or The Service shall be at the full consent and responsibility of Users, or in the case of minors, of their parent or guardian. However, this shall not apply to the provisions of paragraph 5 of this Article.
2. The Company makes no warranty as to the integrity, safety, accuracy, reliability, usability, up-to-date nature, legality or morality etc. of information that Users obtain through The Site or The App. The Company accepts no responsibility for any data created based on information obtained by Users through The Site or The App.
3. The Company has no relationship with and bears no responsibility for information and services etc. included in third party websites that are linked from The Site or The App. The Company merely provides links to these websites for the convenience of Users, and this is not intended to represent a recommendation of the use of the products or services contained on these websites, and furthermore, these links do not represent any special relationships or cooperation or alliances between The Company and third parties that manage or operate the linked websites.
4. The Company makes no guarantee that the number of products available for sale under The Service will meet the demand of all Users, and further makes no warranties that the content of products sold under The Service are true to their description (including performance as per the description).
5. The Company accepts no responsibility for any delays, changes, stoppages, abolitions, mistakes in product delivery or other damage to Users in relation to this service which are not attributable to The Company. Where damage incurred by Users are attributable to The Company, the amount of The Company’s liability shall not exceed the purchase amount of the goods and services (except where intentional or due to the gross negligence of The Company).

Article 18 Disputes

1. Disputes arising on The Site or The App between Users shall be resolved by the parties, and The Company shall not enter into any correspondence of any complaints from Users.
2. In the event that a User damages a third party in the use of The Site, The App or The Service, this shall be resolved at the expense and responsibility of said User, and shall not cause any trouble or damage to The Company.

Article 19 Language

In the event of any conflict or contradictions between the Japanese and English versions of these Terms of Use, the Japanese version shall take precedence.

Article 20 Governing Laws

In the case of any disputes which arise with regard to the establishment, efficacy, performance or interpretation of these Terms of Use, or regarding any transactions related to these Terms of Use, or any other matters related to these Terms of Use, Japanese law shall be applied.

Article 21 Discussion

Matters not specified within these Terms of Use shall be determined through good faith discussion between the relevant parties.

Article 22 Court of Competent Jurisdiction

In the event that discussions under the preceding Article do not reach a resolution, resolution shall be sought from the Toyo District Court as the first instance court of competent jurisdiction.

Enacted and Enforced midnight January 8, 2008 JST.
Revised midnight October 20, 2009 JST.
Revised midnight March 1, 2010 JST.
Revised 10AM June 2, 2010 JST.
Revised midnight November 25, 2015 JST.
Revised midnight November 28, 2018 JST