Lawson Web Membership Agreement

Article 1 (Definitions)

The following terms are defined as follows in this “Lawson Web Membership Agreement” (hereinafter referred to as this “Agreement”):
(1) The “Member” is defined as the individual who agrees to this Agreement, registers the information determined by Lawson, Inc. (hereinafter referred to as “Lawson”) Group (hereinafter referred to as “Lawson Group”; defined in the next clause) companies and is approved by the Lawson Group. (The process from information registration to Lawson’s approval shall be hereinafter referred to as “Member Registration”.)
(2) The “Lawson Group” refers to Lawson, its consolidated companies and affiliated companies accounted for by the equity-method, which exits in Japan, and listed on its securities reports(refer to the link for the latest information).
(3) “Group Services” refers to the services and sales of products at stores operated by the Lawson Group as well as applications and websites administered or managed by the Lawson Group.
(4) “Transactions” refers to any shopping, ticket reservations, campaign applications, gift applications, and other actions taken by Members via use of the Group Services.
(5) The “Service Provider” refers to the party who provides the products or services that are the object of the Transactions.
(6) “This Agreement, etc.” refers collectively to this Agreement, the Group Services Usage Warnings, and other agreements and guidelines set by the Lawson Group.

Article 2 (This Agreement)

This Agreement applies to individuals who are conducting Member Registration and to all Members, and it is to be adhered to during the registration process and after Member Registration.

Article 3 (Lawson Web Members)

1. Members can use Group Services as per conditions established by the Lawson Group. However, to make use of specific Group Services, Members must agree to certain agreements (hereinafter referred to as “Individual Agreements”) established separately by Lawson Group companies.
2. The Member cannot transfer, loan, pledge as collateral, or otherwise dispose in any form of their position as the Member or any rights they have acquired on the Lawson Group through their use of Group Services.

Article 4 (Member Registration process)

(1) Entering Member information
To conduct Member Registration, correctly enter the necessary information once you fully understand the designated notes and warnings.
(2) Membership status
An individual who agrees to this Agreement and applies for Member Registration as designated shall receive membership status after completing each Lawson Group company’s’ registration process and being approved by the Lawson Group. The registration process shall be conducted by the individual who is applying for membership. The registration process cannot be conducted by another party in place of the applicant. Finally, certain applicants may be rejected if they have had their membership status revoked in the past or if the applicant is determined to be an unsuitable applicant by the Lawson Group.
(3) Registration email address
The email address registered during the registration process must be the Member’s own email address. Email addresses owned by other individuals will not be accepted. If an email address is jointly shared by a company, school, family, or other group of people, the registration of the address will only be accepted if all users collectively approve of the address’s registration for the Membership Registration process. However, even in such a case as described in the preceding sentence, only the registered party themselves will be able to use the Group Services.
(4) Multiple registrations
A single user may not be allowed to conduct multiple Member Registrations or have Member status in multiplicity.

Article 5 (Password management)

1. Passwords and other authentication information are to be managed by the Member themselves to prevent such information from being learned by others. Additionally, any use of the user’s email address (or other identifier) and the user’s password (authentication information) that are found to match the information registered during the user’s Member Registration via the designated methods shall be interpreted as access by the Member to whom that email address (or other identifier) and password (authentication information) are registered. If this access involves a monetary charge (e.g. use of Group Services or a product purchase), that Member shall be billed for the charge.
2. The Member shall never transfer or lend their email address (or other identifier) or their password (authentication information) to a third party.
3. The Member shall immediately notify the Lawson Group if they learn that their registered information, such as their email address (or other identifier) or password (authentication information), has been improperly used by a third party.

Article 6 (Changing registered information)

Promptly change your registered information if there has been a change to such information. The Lawson Group shall not be responsible for any damages resulting from your failure to change your registered information. Even if your registered information has been changed, Transactions conducted before the changes were made shall be conducted on the basis of the registered information prior to the change. If it is necessary to notify the Service Provider of a change to registered information for a given Transaction, the Member shall contact the Service Provider directly.

Article 7 (Membership cancellation)

The Member themselves shall conduct cancellation procedures if they wish to cancel their membership.

Article 8 (The Lawson Web Members’ Transactions on group sites, etc.)

Transactions pertaining to Group Services that are conducted by the Member with a Service Provider shall be conducted directly between the Member and the Service Provider. Lawson Group companies shall not be responsible for any such Transactions nor be considered a party to such Transactions unless a Lawson Group company is the Service Provider for the Transaction. Therefore, if there are any problems with the Transaction, the problem shall be resolved between the Member and the Service Provider.

Article 9 (Intellectual property rights)

1. All intellectual property rights and other rights associated with Group Services (e.g. copyrights, trademark rights, design rights, publicity rights) shall be the property of the Lawson Group or the respective rights holders unless otherwise stated. The Member shall respect those rights.
2. The Member cannot–in whole or in part–use, reproduce, distribute, or change any information or image (obtained during use of Group Services) beyond the scope explicitly permitted for individual private use in the Copyright Act or other laws, unless the Member has received the consent of the Lawson Group or the respective rights holders.

Article 10 (Disclaimers)

1. The Lawson Group provides absolutely no guarantees regarding the usefulness, relevance, completeness, accuracy, safety, legality, recency, etc. of any information provided via Group Services, nor that the information does not violate a third party’s rights, etc.
2. For more information on the Service Provider, Transactions with the Service Provider, products and services of the Service Provider, the content of the Service Provider’s website, the Service Provider’s handling of personal information, etc. contact the relevant Service Provider directly.
3. The Lawson Group provides no guarantee that there are no computer viruses or other harmful data contained in emails or contents sent from Lawson Group websites, servers, or domains.
4. The Lawson Group shall be responsible for the damages suffered by the Member which were due to intentional or negligent acts of the Lawson Group. Provided that the Lawson Group shall not be responsible for the damages which the Lawson Group shall not foresee it at the act of the Lawson Group.
5. The Lawson Group shall not be responsible for any damages to third parties resulting from the Member’s violation of this Agreement, etc.

Article 11 (Prohibitions)

The Member is prohibited from the following activities in their use of Group Services:
(1) Violations of the law or this Agreement, etc., or behavior that may constitute such a violation.
(2) Behavior damaging to the rights, interests, honor, etc. of the Lawson Group, Service Providers, or other third parties.
(3) Behavior that may have a negative impact on the mental or physical health of young people, or that otherwise runs counter to public morals.
(4) Improper usage such as attempts to defraud the Lawson Group, or behavior that is equivalent to such improper usage.
(5) Criminal behavior or behavior linked to criminal activity.
(6) Obstruction of the administration of Group Services, or behavior that damages the trustworthiness of the Lawson Group.
(7) Use of Group Services for commercial purposes.
(8) Behavior that is a nuisance or discomfort to other users or third parties.
(9) The provision of false information to the Lawson Group or a Service Provider.
(10) The transmission or posting of a harmful computer program, email, etc.
(11) The obstruction, destruction, suppression, etc. of the functionality of Lawson Group software, hardware, communications equipment, etc.
(12) Improper access to Lawson Group servers or other computers.
(13) The lending or transfer of an email address, password, or other identifier used for membership verification to a third party, or the joint use with a third party.

Article 12 (Handling of personal information)

1. Lawson Group corrects and records (including telephone record when Member contact Lawson Group by phone) Members’ personal information in accordance with the subsequent items. Additionally, the Members who do not provide own personal information to Lawson Group and/or who provide incorrect personal information to Lawson Group shall agree that they may not be provided all and/or part of individual Group Services.
(1) Utilization purpose of personal information
① Utilization purpose written in Individual Agreement of each Lawson Group company which are applied to individual Group Service (including but not limited to jointly utilization purpose by Lawson Group)
② Suggestion and/or notification of each campaign or events by Lawson Group, and of each product or service by Lawson Group and/or its alliance companies.
③ Research and analyses of sales results of each product, usage history of each service or marketing research (including but not limited to cases that marketing utilization by providing the anonymized analyzing results processed to third parties), and other research and analyses
④ Response to the Member’s inquiries, comments and claims properly
⑤ Other purposes correspond or connected closely preceding four items
(2) utilized Items of personnel information
[1] Attribute information
Lawson Web Membership ID information(E-mail address, other identifiers), name, date of birth, occupation, gender, age, marital status, address, postal code, telephone number, E-mail address, membership classification, Ponta Membership ID number(including but not limited to amended information which Lawson Group acknowledge by the Member’s notification at and/or after the application. Same as below)
[2] Agreement information
date of admission, date of withdrawal, date of final log-in
[3] Other information
status of subscribing the newsletter
(3) Person responsible for controlling the personal data
Lawson, Inc.
East Tower, Gate City Ohsaki,11-2, Osaki 1-chome, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo, Japan
President and CEO Sadanobu Takemasu
(4) Contact
Lawson Group Personnel Information Contact
Reception hours:Mon-Sat 9:00-17:45
Furthermore, when using a Group Service, check the Individual Agreement that applies to that service for more information on the handling of personal information for that service.
2. Even if the Member stops using the Group Services or cancels their membership in an independent members’ system for the Group Services (for any reason), Lawson Group can retain the Member’s personal information for a specified storage period of reasonable length, as per Lawson Group’s own discretion, unless the Member requests that their personal information be deleted.
3. For the other matters related to handling of personal information, please refer to our Lawson Group Personal Information Protection Policy.

Article 13 (Service interruption and cancellation)

The Lawson Group conducts regular system maintenance to keep Group Services in a good state. Regular maintenance plans are posted to the Lawson Group website and the like.
However, in the event of emergency system maintenance, heavy system load, when the Lawson Group determines that Group Service administration will be impaired, when necessary to maintain Member security, or in any other situation where determined necessary within reason, the Lawson Group can interrupt or cease provision of Group Services in full or part, or take other such measures as necessary, without prior warning.

Article 14 (Stopping use by specific members and deleting memberships)

1. In the event that one of the items listed below is determined to apply to a specific Member, the Lawson Group can cancel the Group Services provided to that Member, revoke and delete the Member’s registration, seek damages, or take other necessary action (including but not limited to legal action) without prior warning. The Lawson Group shall not be responsible for any damages suffered by the Member as a result of such measures taken.
(1) The Member’s activity violates a law or this Agreement, etc.
(2) The Member has made improper use of the Group Services.
(3) There is a need to ensure the Member’s security, e.g. due to there having been too many incorrect password entry attempts.
(4) The Member is late in paying Service usage fees or for some Transaction, or has refused payment.
(5) For any other reason determined suitable by the Lawson Group.
2. In addition to the reasons listed above, Lawson may delete the Member’s registration or take other action without prior warning if the Member does not log in to their account a certain minimum number of times within a certain period set by Lawson, or if emails sent from the Lawson Group to the Member are returned due to errors.

Article 15 (Service changes and ending services)

The Lawson Group can make changes to or end Group Services in whole or in part, as it determines such actions to be appropriate.

Article 16 (Revisions to this Agreement)

The Lawson Group can make revisions to this Agreement at its discretion. Additionally, Lawson Group companies can create agreements (hereinafter referred to as “Supplementary Agreements”) that supplement this Agreement. Unless in violation of the law, any revision or supplement to this Agreement shall be conferred with the same efficacy as this Agreement once the revision of this Agreement or the Supplementary Agreement has been posted to the appropriate Lawson Group website. After the revision or supplement has been posted, Members shall adhere to the revised Agreement or the Supplementary Agreement.

Article 17 (Rejection of criminal groups and individuals)

The Member pledges that they are not party to a criminal group (organized crime group, member of such a group, member of such a group within the past five years, associate member of such a group, company affiliated with such a group, corporate extortionist, politically-branded racketeering organizations, special intellectual organized crime groups, or any similar such group or individual), do not engage in violent activity, swindling, coercion, obstruction of business, or other illegal activity, and shall not engage in such activity in the future. If the Member is found to be in violation of this pledge, the Member shall accept without argument that their Member Registration will be deleted, their usage of Group Services will be ended, their individual Transaction-related contracts will be dissolved, and other such measures will be taken.

Article 18 (Applicable law)

This Agreement shall be interpreted on the basis of Japanese law.

Revised June 1, 2022